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About the city

Cancun is a city located on the southeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is a major world-renowned tourist destination, as well as being the seat of the municipality of Benito Juárez. The city is located on the Caribbean Sea, and is one of the easternmost points in Mexico. Cancún is located just north of Mexico's Caribbean coast resort band known as the Riviera Maya. Cancun, located in the Yucatan region of Mexico, has many great attractions. Start with the white sand beaches of Cancun City. In the jungles of Yucatan lies one of the largest and best preserved archaeological sites in Mexico, Chichen Itza. The world famous Mayan ruins with thousands of years of history are one of the most visited sites in the world. Cancun is surrounded by spectacular scenery. Isla Mujeres, a small gorgeous island close to Cancun, is simply spectacular. The magical underwater natural pools known as Cenotes are a big draw around the Cancun area. Many have rocky edge formations above them. Outside of Cancun we find Tulum, a unique site where you can go for a swim in turquoise waters and visit the famous ruins of Mayan civilizationCancun has lots to offer. With its mix of tropical beaches, ancient ruins and modern resorts, this area is simply the perfect vacation destination for everyone. Modern Cancun offers wonderful white sand beaches and turquoise sea, great restaurants, lively clubs and activities of every type imaginable.

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2X1 Coco Bongo Gold Member
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